Water Safety Advice For Your Business

Established more than 130 years ago, RLSS UK is recognised worldwide as an expert in lifeguarding and water safety. 

Every year we certify more than 60,000 regulated qualifications and non-regulated vocational training awards, and more lifeguards qualify with us than with any other awarding body! Why? Because we're at the cutting edge of water safety, lifesaving, lifeguarding, and life support skills. We rigorously review our qualifications, and we sit on many industry panels to evolve and develop national safety standards. We are also at the forefront of supporting companies to manufacture and distribute innovative and compliant lifesaving equipment, and the RLSS UK Shop offers official uniform and training, First Aid, and safety equipment for the leisure industry.

We work with an impressive list of national leisure providers and partners - ranging from hotels, spas, and competition pools to leisure centres and aqua parks. We develop bespoke training services for many sectors - including the cruise and holiday industries and are experts at delivering clear and practical consultancy support to any business or individual with liabilities to visitors and staff around water, including events, construction, and outdoor recreation.

Our trusted brand gives peace of mind to businesses and the millions of customers who access the facilities we support.

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Experts in Event Water Safety Solutions and Delivery

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), provider of water safety expertise for over 125 years, offers clear, impartial and practical water safety consultancy for any event taking place in or around water. Our purpose is to provide the safest and most robust water safety solutions.

What we provide

Event Consultancy

  • For any indoor or outdoor event or competition in or near water
  • For any event organiser with liabilities to participants, spectators or staff in or near water
  • For all venues and facilities with or near water
  • For all regional, national and international events

Event Water Safety Logistics

  • Site suitability advice
  • End-to-end service from planning, risk assessment through to supply
  • Safety arrangements and contingencies
  • Safety equipment, clothing, signage advice and supply

Event Lifeguard Services

  • Recruitment, training and qualifications
  • Option for personalised or sponsored lifeguard uniform and kit
  • Association with the UK and Ireland’s most awarded and respected lifeguard brand – RLSS UK
  • Insurance cover for water safety activity

What we deliver

RLSS UK offers an end-to-end service from assessment, guidance and planning, through to supply, delivery and review.

Our focus from the start of any project is to cut through unnecessary red tape and get to what’s important to our client in terms of vision, true safety and compliance.

  • Free needs analysis to scope project
  • Lead Consultant
  • Full site inspection (if required)
  • Water safety risk assessment
  • Safe systems of work creation
  • Operational planning and delivery
  • Event set-up and break down
  • Water safety management plan
  • Training and qualifications
  • Lifeguard and staff recruitment
  • Event equipment, to include:
    • Water safety signage
    • Rescue equipment
    • First aid equipment
    • Personal protective equipment
  • Insurance cover for water safety activity
  • Mystery visit, audit and post-event review

Who we work with

Event Organisers

  • Outdoor Events
  • Indoor Events
  • Sports Competitions

Commercial Clients

  • Venues, Sports and Leisure Facilities
  • Brand Experience Agencies
  • Cultural and Heritage Sites

Global Events

  • Sporting Events
  • Cultural Events
  • International, National and City Committees and Federations

Recognised worldwide as lifeguarding experts, RLSS UK sits on many industry panels, such as BSI Working Groups, who evolve and develop national safety standards, and frequently advises Environmental Health Officers and the Health and Safety Executive. We are proud to have a panel of expert advisors whose knowledge and expertise expand across all water environments, at expert witness level.

RLSS UK jointly published Managing Safety at Inland Waters guidance with RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) – the second edition of which was launched in January 2019. RLSS UK was also involved in the development of Health and Safety Executive, Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools HSG179, the most important guidance for safety advice on managing a swimming pool environment.

Over 40,000 pool lifeguards qualify with RLSS UK’s National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) every year, and the RLSS UK brand gives peace of mind to millions of customers accessing leisure facilities, every year. In addition, thousands of Beach Lifeguards, Open Water Lifeguards and First Aiders also qualify.

RLSS UK can boast first-hand event experience, from organising and hosting the annual National Speed Championships, National Lifesaving Championships, the Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving, the RLSS UK Open Water Festival and lifeguarding the Great Swim Series of Open Water Events. Not to mention working with local organisations, right up to some of the biggest worldwide event companies such as Imagination.

Through an exciting partnership with British Triathlon, RLSS UK has also developed SH₂OUT, a project which provides a safety standard for open water swimming venues, events and clubs to align to.

We create safer events:

RLSS UK has been saving lives and preventing drowning since 1891. Drawing on our 128 years of water safety experience, we’re best placed to help identify your options and find solutions, that best suit your specific water safety needs.

As the Drowning Prevention Charity, our primary interests lie in safety and drowning prevention measures; you can rely on the wealth of experience from our practical, unbiased team of experts, for a wide range of water safety services and the safest, most and robust event solution for the good of the client and participant.

Our honest and competitive service means our consultants support you through the process of building and creating safer events for everyone, with a keen eye for the most cost-effective solutions.

We optimise event legacies:

RLSS UK’s charitable focus centres on fundraising activity to support outreach education work across communities nationwide, helping everyone to enjoy the water safely by learning about water safety. As part of our events consultation service, we can advise on optimising the legacy of your event by engagement with a wide range of stakeholders such as local businesses, schools, community groups and the emergency services. RLSS UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1046060) and in Scotland (SC037912). By using RLSS UK’s events consultancy service, you are directly contributing to helping prevent the loss of life to drowning through our Drowning Prevention Charity.

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