Water Safety Advice For Your Business

Established more than 130 years ago, RLSS UK is recognised worldwide as an expert in lifeguarding and water safety. 

Every year we certify more than 60,000 regulated qualifications and non-regulated vocational training awards, and more lifeguards qualify with us than with any other awarding body! Why? Because we're at the cutting edge of water safety, lifesaving, lifeguarding, and life support skills. We rigorously review our qualifications, and we sit on many industry panels to evolve and develop national safety standards. We are also at the forefront of supporting companies to manufacture and distribute innovative and compliant lifesaving equipment, and the RLSS UK Shop offers official uniform and training, First Aid, and safety equipment for the leisure industry.

We work with an impressive list of national leisure providers and partners - ranging from hotels, spas, and competition pools to leisure centres and aqua parks. We develop bespoke training services for many sectors - including the cruise and holiday industries and are experts at delivering clear and practical consultancy support to any business or individual with liabilities to visitors and staff around water, including events, construction, and outdoor recreation.

Our trusted brand gives peace of mind to businesses and the millions of customers who access the facilities we support.

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Local authorities play a vital role in protecting, maintaining, and improving local outdoor spaces and creating new areas of open space to improve access for everyone, including responsibility and liability for water safety management. They have a duty of care to recognise their accountabilities for managing water safety by taking the appropriate steps and putting reasonable safety restrictions in place to safeguard employees, residents, and the public.    

RLSS UK is here to help 

RLSS UK has provided water safety expertise for over 125 years; positioning us as one of the most experienced and expert consultancy services in the UK and Ireland and making us best placed to offer clear, impartial, and practical water safety advice to anyone with liabilities to the public around water, including Estate Management companies. 

As a Charity, our primary interest lies in water safety. Our honest, practical, and competitive service means our consultants can support you with: identifying the options, looking for the most cost-effective solutions that best suit your specific water safety needs, and building and creating a safer environment providing peace of mind for your clients, leaseholders and property managers.

Colchester Borough Council

In November 2021, RLSS UK conducted an independent water-safety review on behalf of Colchester Borough Council. The assessment reviewed various areas of land owned by Colchester Council where water is present and considered existing arrangements for public safety. RLSS UK made several recommendations to help ensure the public’s ongoing safety around the water sites. The RLSS UK Consultancy team received excellent feedback for their in-depth assessment with clear recommendations.

Bradford Council 

In December 2021, Bradford Council appointed RLSS UK to conduct an extensive water safety review across 23 open water spaces within their authority. The assessment looked at the present provision and provided recommendations to reduce the chance of drowning incidents and spread a message of water safety to prevent drowning.

Sites included the River Aire and River Wharfe, as well as Canals, Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds, and Fountains. Recommendations included: additional signage to make the public aware of the dangers, installation of a range of personal rescue equipment, additional training for council staff, additional lighting on specific sites, advice on risk assessments and physical changes, and setting up a community group to engage with disengaged youths.


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