The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is a provider of water safety and rescue services, at a wide range of open water events. The RLSS UK Event Safety team is committed to providing high-quality, effective water safety and rescue services, that make the best use of our army of fully qualified volunteers.

Our best practice means keeping costs to a minimum. In turn, this means we can invest in equipment and training to support our Volunteer Lifeguard Units, throughout the year.

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Volunteer Lifeguard Opportunities

There will be a huge range of exciting volunteering opportunities throughout 2023. Check back here soon to see the selection of the events and festivals that we are looking for lifeguards to support at. 

To ensure effective and efficient operations we need a mix of volunteers to:

  1. Provide safety cover: lifeguards, kayakers, powerboat helms, first aiders
  2. Provide welfare support: cater for the crew, look after kit and general team welfare support

At times you will be based on the land, at other times on the water but, you will never be asked to perform a task you are not trained to do. Wherever possible, we will coordinate training to support your ongoing development.

Each event is different, but if you are signed up to join the team, you will be given detailed instructions explaining the role and support you can expect (travel and subsistence etc.).

To help us find the best events for you, please complete the form below that applies to you.

Please note that we have now reached the end of the events season for 2022. We are now accepting applications for events next year. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form below and we will be in touch in early 2023. 

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