Venue Accreditation Process

Delivering a recognised quality standard for open water swimming venues.

Participation in open water swimming is heavily reliant on access to safe and suitable inland venues which enable the swimmer to have an enjoyable and compelling experience. SH2OUT has developed a new venue accreditation product for open water venues to work towards achieving with the support of the SH2OUT team.

SH2OUT Accreditation has been split into 3 clear categories to help Venues, Events and Clubs all achieve the highest possible safety standards. Venue Accreditation is where a venue is the provider of all water safety for swimming. If an external group hires the venue, the venue operator is still the provider of the water safety cover.                                

The venue accreditation process focuses on safety, to ensure open water swimming operators are following best practice guidelines, implementing the robust safety procedures and standards of competence expected to achieve SH2OUT Accreditation.

Benefits of becoming SH2OUT Accredited Venue

Increased Prestige – Becoming a SH2OUT venue will improve the public perception of the open water swimming venue. SH2OUT accreditation tells the swimmer that the venue has achieved minimum safety expectations and has the correct documentation in place at the time of accreditation.

Venue promotion – Self-Certified, Interim or Full SH2OUT accredited venues will be listed on the SH2OUT Venues search page. Each SH2OUT venue will have a bespoke management account to the SH2OUT website and webpage informing swimmers what facilities are on offer.

SH2OUT Venue Reward Package – Full SH2OUT Venues will receive the SH2OUT venue reward pack. This includes use of a SH2OUT Accredited Venue logo, a SH2OUT email footer, SH2OUT social media assets, a SH2OUT Accredited Venue certificate and a SH2OUT Accredited Venue flag. 2 free SH2OUT branded Dryrobes.

Reduced Insurance costs - It is important for any venue that is hosting swimming activity to be appropriately insured. SH2OUT accreditation is a way of providing insurers with the comfort that the activity is being run safely and to a publicly recognised quality standard. This gives insurers reassurance that the venue is taking its responsibility for water safety seriously and that risks will be managed appropriately. SH2OUT has partnered with Howden and Sportscover, who can provide competitive insurance cover that is appropriate for your needs and priced to recognise the efforts you have undertaken to achieve accreditation.

Open Water equipment suppliers discount - SH2OUT are always talking to the market leaders in open water equipment including wetsuit suppliers and Dryrobe, Swim Secure and Selkie. As a SH2OUT venue you will have access to exclusive offers from these suppliers.

For more information on SH2OUT please visit or email [email protected]