1. Never leave your child (young or old) unattended around water
  2. Always keep young children within the arm’s reach of an adult.
  3. Empty and turn paddling pools, containers, watering cans immediately after use.
  4. Securely cover all hot tubs and home pools immediately after use.
  5. Securely cover all water storage tanks and drains.
  6. Always turn hosepipes off at the tap, so children cannot fill vessels themselves.
  7. Install a heavy-duty grill over or a secure fence around garden ponds (at least 4ft tall).
  8. Install self-closing/latching gates and fences around residential swimming pools (at least 4ft high).
  9. Know and follow the Water Safety Code.

Learn ​basic water safety with our Lifesaver – Lifechanger Toolkit - a free, online, short course to discover skills to enjoy water safely.

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