Eco Leisure Supplies is the pioneer of the Leisure Loop Recycle Scheme, which helps swimming pools and leisure operators across the UK create a closed-loop recycling programme to tackle swimming pool waste. 

The initiative invites swimming pools to join the campaign to help divert pool waste from UK landfills. The Leisure Loop Recycle Scheme collects pool waste (mostly discarded into landfills), recycles it, and, wherever possible, reforms it into new products for the leisure industry. 

Each participating leisure operator will receive a reusable 100 litres recycle point that they can fill with the support of their customer base. Pool waste such as flip flops, goggles, floats, armbands, kickboards, pull buoys and swim caps.

“By working with swimming pools, operators and key partners like RLSS UK, we aim to make recycling accessible to everyone and achieve a closed-loop recycling program 'The Leisure Loop'. Working together, we can achieve a more sustainable future.” 

Luke Parkinson 

Eco Leisure Supplies & Leisure Loop Founder. 

Click here to see a map of sites that are signed up to the Leisure Loop scheme 

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