Construction - Consultancy Service

Construction sites adjacent to rivers and lakes can have very complex safety considerations, not only during construction but also at completion. Read more

Beaches - Consultancy Service

UK beaches are renowned for their dynamic and changing nature, often with hidden risks that can be potentially life threatening. Read more

Ports and Harbours - Consultancy Service

Ports and harbours are challenging work places in constant flux. Read more

Rivers and Lakes - Consultancy Service

More and more people are being drawn to open water for both work and recreational reasons. Read more

Events - Consultancy Service

Event water safety logistics, administrative advice, and lifeguard services. Read more

Outdoor Education - Consultancy Service

If you are responsible for leading a group in, on or around water for an activity or transport, you are required to make sure that the area is safe. Read more

Swimming Pools – Consultancy Service

If you are responsible for the operation of a swimming pool that is accessible to members of the public, whether through membership or public access, you have a duty to make sure that the facility provides a safe environment for everyone who uses it. Read more

Hotels and Spa - Consultancy Service

Hotels and spas although having different rules to publicly accessible pools, staff still need to be appropriately trained to safeguard customers, and to respond efficiently and effectively in an emergency. Read more