RLSS UK launched its Platinum Jubilee Medallion in honour of the late Queen at the beginning of June, and 18 students and six members of staff from Bedford School have already completed the award.

The one-off award explains the importance of land-based rescues using the emergency action model and 24 places were made available for the course at Bedford School, all of which were quickly snapped up.

Chris Howes, Pool Caretaker and staff trainer at Bedford School, along with Graham Thorsby, Lifesaving Trainer, delivered the award which comprised of practical skills including resuscitation and water rescue skills as well as testing the knowledge of the participants through an assessment on the day.

Bedford School staff and students take part in the Platinum Jubilee Award

All 24 participants taking part in the award from Bedford School successfully passed and were awarded their Platinum Jubilee Medallion.

All of the participants thoroughly enjoyed the award with comments such as:

“Learning was made fun.”

“Enjoyed rescuing the manikin from the bottom of the pool.”

“I learnt that the rescuer must always stay safe when performing a rescue.”

Chris Howes commented, “There will only be 1,891 of these medallions awarded in the UK, so to have 24 from the Bedford School community passing on the launch date is a real testimony to Bedford School.”

Platinum Jubilee Medallion holders are:

Toby Northey, Oscar Jooste, Stanley Breed, Alfie Allen, Rocco Valentino, James Marchant, Austin Ward, William Maltby, Tom Brown, Sam Barnes, Sammy Inman, Charlie Lawrence, Jamie Lawrence, Daniel Meier, Ayaan Tarique, James Pinkney, Tomas Spice, Daniel Hudson, Joe Masterson-Howes, Chris Howes, Rachel Maltby, Charlie Walker, Jessica Hallett, Jude Sanders.

Congratulations to you all.

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